.In the instant it takes

to make the wrong decision

I lay sprawled

on a country road.

The “I” as I knew me


Bleeding, unconscious, undignified.

We must die by our own hand

to become

other than ourselves.


We all march out onto the ice with undeserved confidence. With every breath, with every moment, we have the opportunity to choose the death of remaining the same as ourselves or the opportunity to become other than ourselves.

At various times over the  years, patients listened as I gave them information that changed the course of their lives. In February 2010 I walked into my doctor’s office and was told that, due to my health, I could no longer work as a physician. Now I was the one listening.

Life rewrites our story far more often than we imagine.

Every day I get up and apply for the job of being Stephen Weiss, and every day I am turned down. I have been assured that I will be given a chance to reapply again in the future.

So it begins.

Making art is my new story. I am searching for the multitude of ways that people describe the divine in their lives. This blog will be an ongoing “travelogue” of my experience.

.                                                        You come too.

Stephen                                                         .